Friday, February 10, 2012

Book Review: Emotional Freedom - Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life - by Judith Orloff, M.D.

Each chapter in this potent work is called a "transformation" and tackles a different negative emotion with specific strategies for mastery and balance.  In Emotional Freedom  Orloff addresses the biological causes/stressors, the psychological sources from parental influence, and the spiritual meaning within the negative emotions of fear, frustration, worry, depression, envy, anger, and loneliness.  She offers quizzes and self-assessment tests to give you insight into your inner emotional map.  She states there are two stages to achieving emotional balance:  1) acknowledgment, and 2) transformation.  "Sometimes, like with acute grief, you'll learn that you need to just be with the feelings, whereas you can aim to heal or transform envy."  She quotes Buddha:  "There is no external refuge", to support her emphasis that it is an internal job.

To illustrate her comprehensive approach I read the chapter on Loneliness.  She gives 4 causes, recommends mirroring neurons, and activating oxytocin.  She tackles the spiritual dimension of loneliness with tips, and offers four "Emotional Action Steps" to transform loneliness. I especially connected with her presentation and strategy for "energy sensitive people" and her list of 5 cures at the end of the chapter.  This multi-dimensional approach covered each emotion in each chapter.

Her tone is supportive, as well as educational, and normalizes the human experience through a range of emotions.  Orloff knows her stuff as a psychiatrist, energy psychologist, and spiritually experienced professional.  This book is the only one you will need to support your journey out of emotional reaction into emotional balance leading to self-mastery.

Review by Sanna Rose,  RScP

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