Saturday, February 25, 2012

Press Release: All Is Well, David Bruner, Lee Hartley

Contact: David Bruner (408) 294 1828
Lee Hartley (408) 891 1988 

Dr. David will be appearing at
the Center for Spiritual Living
on March 29 at a free event.

Upbeat Optimism

All Is Well 2 offers more stories of people who changed their minds to change their lives
SAN JOSE, CA.—Date Compilers, editors and producers Dr. David Bruner and Dr. Lee Hartley announce the publication of All Is Well 2, a second collection of true stories of how 29 people changed their minds to change their lives. These people overcame obstacles
such as escaping communism, debilitating shyness, domestic abuse, divorce, sexual identity, adoption, drug addiction, chronic health problems, near death decisions, and more by changing what and how they thought about those life challenges. The book offers an intimate peak into the personal struggles that we all face and inspires readers to approach their own challenges by checking and reconfiguring their “mind chatter.” Questions follow each story to encourage the reader to share the gifts of each author’s learned lessons. The step-by-step questions are thought provoking and gently expand the mind away from a previous comfort zone to new possibilities.

All Is Well 2 is the second in the All Is Well book series. It is available in print, as an ebook, and on audio book at the website:

Dr. Michael Beckwith, a featured contributor to the movie The Secret, said of Vol. 1 “All Is Well takes us into real-life territory we can all relate to but not necessarily have the courage to publicly reveal. And that’s precisely what is so special about it. The individuals who have shared their stories are humble enough to acknowledge the messy aspects of their lives as examples of what is possible when we turn within where true healing and transformation takes place. This book is a treasure trove of wisdom and heart.”

Dr. David Bruner has a devoted following at the Center for Spiritual Living in San Jose, California where he has been the Spiritual Director for 11 years. He received his Doctor of Divinity in 2009. He is a warm hearted and inspiring leader in the New Thought movement. 

Dr. Lee Hartley is a psychotherapist and has a book publishing company that helps aspiring authors to bring their “dream book(s)” into reality. Her team assists each author at every step along the way in the pre-to-post publications process. HCP’s mission is to publish books focused in the areas of psychology, education and personal mind-body-spirit development.

To receive a review copy of All Is Well 2: More Stories of Guts and Grace, Courage and Compassion, or to schedule an interview please contact David Bruner (408) 294 1828 or Lee Hartley (408) 891 1988 

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