Thursday, March 1, 2012

Album Review: Beyond - Buddhist and Christian Prayers


Buddhist and Christian Prayers

Tina Turner   Chanting and Spiritual Message
Denchen Shak-Dagsay   Buddhist Voice
Regula Curti   Christian Voice

This musical montage of East and West is a trance-inducing experience.  A Pair of women singers were inspired by the works of the Dalai Lama that encouraged actively deepening one's own cultural spiritual traditions while searching for shared values across belief systems.  This Music Therapist and Tibetan mantra singer have created a sacred cathedral/temple sound of Christian Mass chants and Tibetan traditions in chant and musical prayer with grand instruments deepening the experience.  The Ave Maria is in an intimate relationship with Om Ma Ii Pe Me Hung.  This pair of East/West women brought Tina Turner into their project by adding her soulful voice in a sacred narrative, as well as interweaving her voice in the chants.  This is something to experience.  A marriage of two sacred traditions has been consummated in this wonderful musical event.

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Review by Sanna Rose, RScP

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