Sunday, April 29, 2012

Book Review: Spiritual Fitness by Caroline Reynolds

by Caroline Reynolds

      Caroline Reynolds defines Spiritual Fitness as a practical way of living that fills a void left in our society by the widespread demise of traditional worship, reverence, and charity.  Her book is presented as a course in spiritual fitness with 7 weekly "workouts".  She supports her readers with practical guidance and exercises in meditation, respectful awareness, and loving kindness.  As a way of reclaiming awareness of the magnitude of the soul's journey through life she introduces "Soul Thinking", a method for expanding your awareness to embrace the higher purpose of all, and the perfection in every situation. Her 7 weekly workouts include:  Motivation Skills, Soul Detox, Language Awareness, Loving Relationships, Meditation, Your Purpose, and Power & Joy.  She is well aware of the procrastination and the excuses we all have to avoid actually doing some of these exercises, and in her narrative she calls you on it and hooks you in to participating.  Her awareness was a great motivator as I made my way through her thorough and engaging course on "Soul Thinking".  If taking a class is not an option for you this Summer, this would be a highly effective second approach for expanding and developing your spiritual understanding and practice.

Highly recommended.

Book review by Sanna Rose, RScP.

Spiritual Fitness is available at Stepping Stones Books and Gifts

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