Monday, April 16, 2012

Book Review: Your Soul's Assignment by Chris Michaels

Your Soul's Assignment

by Chris Michaels

Chris Michaels starts from where he has been and draws you right into the challenges of what it means to be alive and struggling.  He uses wonderful stories of real life events from his personal experience as well as from those folks that he walked with on the path to spiritual healing.  Some favorite terms and concepts he uses are:  The "Pinball Approach" describes a person going through life bouncing from one experience to the next; The "Popeye Awareness" describes the moment in life when one stands up to a challenging situation and takes their power back, much like Popeye does when the character "Brutus" pushes him around, and Popeye finally says:  "I had all I can stands, and I can't stands it no more!"

Michaels talks about what you are - a Spiritual Being, and what you are not - a body, etc.  He quotes his father who advised:  "Keep your eye on the doughnut - And not the hole."  He cheers you on encouraging unconditional love for yourself as well as for others.  He emphasizes how important it is to be authentic by stating:  "two things can slow us down and limit our growth:  unspoken works and uncried tears";  that the "leading cause of misery in the world is because thousands, even millions, of tears have not been cried."

Claim Your Good and Take Your Rightful Place With Spirit, and Take one Step At a Time are headings and topics he knows well.  This work is like sitting in a session with a wise loving doctor/healer who has been there, has walked the trail.  You will feel a healing affect and feel grateful for a time well spent with Chris Michaels.  Thank you Rev. Chris.

Book Review by Sanna Rose, RScP

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