Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Candles, Candles, and Candles

There is nothing quite like candlelight to subtly alter the atmosphere and soften the mood.  I often burn candles in my home while trying to wind down from my day.  Candlelight and my favorite iTunes playlist usually do the trick.  I purchase candles to sell in the bookstore that I personally would like to burn.

For Safety, I like the tall pillars encased in glass.  I can comfortably close my eyes knowing the flame is safely contained in the glass holder.  Aloha Bay makes candles using 100% vegetable palm wax which has a pleasant neutral scent while burning.  These candles come in a variety of rich deep colors.

I also like the ritual candles.  These smaller pillar candles come in a variety of colors and each candle comes with a ritual charm representing the quality of consciousness to be embraced.  "Gentle Healing" is one such quality and the label on the candle reads as follows:

"I have placed myself in Ritual Consciousness.  My energy is focused with a desire to create and alter my destiny.  I deliver the strength of wholeness to heal my heart from grief, pain, and fear.  Gentle healing is consuming my being."

Martha Salazar

Stepping Stones Books and Gifts carries a variety of candles, scented and unscented in our store.  To learn more about fragrances, please join us for a Free Presentation by Dr. Edward Viljoen on Friday September 7.

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