Monday, December 31, 2012

Book Review: Your Life On Purpose

how to find what matters & create the life you want

by Margaret McKay, Ph.D, John P. Forsyth, PhD, and Georg H. Eifert, PhD

The first thing I encountered when I opened this book was an introduction to the histories and life experiences of the three authors.  This set the stage in my mind for wisdom to enter on a very deep level; I was very moved and taken aback by the traumatic life experiences of the authors that included everything that a life can throw your way.  I continued reading because I wanted to learn how these live events had deepened their collective wisdom about Life.  I came to the end of chapter 2 and completely stalled.  I couldn't read another word for days.  I read the sentence:  "Are you willing to have whatever pain it may take to be what you want to be in your life?  This commitment can only be real, can only be valid when you fully understand and accept the natural and inevitable pain of life.  Nothing less will give you a life that matters."  The authors spoke to this pain in their introduction so I felt they know what they were talking about from direct experience.  I had to consider this for some time.  The book is so tender and manages to stay completely away from being just another self-help regimen.  I entered their world and was profoundly moved as I felt myself guided through more of their teaching.

One of their gifts is to feel a "firm resolve" as we turn our attention to, and take action towards our values while standing firm in the pain that is an integral part of living;  "taking the emotion monsters with you" is how they phrased it.  They suggest establishing lightness towards the plethora of painful life-emotions, to know a "radical acceptance" of them that is the exercise of witnessing, observing, and exploring, while at the same time standing with a firm resolve in your Truth on your path of purpose and life values.

This book moved me to experience my life on purpose in a deeper way, and I imagine that it will serve you in this way as well.  Take your time, savor their works, and contemplate their questions.  It's worth it.

Review by Sanna Rose, RScP

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