Sunday, December 22, 2013

Book Review: Wisdom Cards by Louise L. Hay

I find the Wisdom Cards by Louise Hay quite easy and fun to use for many situations.  The bright artwork is energizing on its own.  For group, committee or friends gathering, I sometimes ask each person to pull a card at random.  Sharing about this can take many forms.  Depending on the intent, I suggest that each person reflect on the card and share as comfortable.  The more open people become, the more we learn about each other, our commonalities and differences.  I often place cards around the house to remind me of particular intentions I have on the front burner.  To choose one each day myself at random, I use it as a perspective for the day.  It can open my mind in unexpected ways.  If I really want to focus on one of the cards, I will leave it up on the bathroom mirror for several days.

Using these cards as an entry into my meditative art is a revelation to me. I try to take just the words as I enter into meditation, even making a mantra of them.  As I then begin to draw or paint or scribble, the words are sitting in the background having their own influence on the art, and eventually my perspective.  When my children were at home, we sometimes pulled cards to help with a decision or change we wanted to make.  These cards bring a sense of the world being contained in a way that we can hold and integrate the wisdom, simple as it is, into our daily thinking, feeling, living, being.

Review written by Laura Feahr, a bookstore volunteer.

Wisdom Cards by Louise L. Hay are available from Stepping Stones Books & Gifts.

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