Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Tribute to Jack Kornfield's Meditations

Have you found an author who speaks to you in a profound way?  Here is an example of how Jack Kornfield has made an impression on the life of one reader.

Jack Kornfield’s way of presenting the simple daily path as entry into meditation is easy to understand.  As challenges fall into my path, I sometimes need find the most annoying part of it, and choose to see it as a blessing or process that leads to good.  Each step is a small movement toward these messages becoming more intrinsic to my nature, my way  I find I am entering the place of constant ‘Wow’ in my head.  A child’s delight in each new discovery is more commonplace as I move through the days with senses tuned to know the grace of simplicity. He has enabled me to see the riches of each moment, and the strength that comes with knowing the essence of my being, that I am capable of moving through difficulty or delight with more ease.
of experiencing my world.

Review written by Laura Feahr, a bookstore volunteer.

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