Sunday, February 16, 2014

Choose the Right Size Purse or Bag

Choosing the right size purse or bag for your day-to-day needs can be a daunting task. I’ve developed a few guidelines that I hope will remove the word “daunting” from this task.

The first suggestion is to use at least two purses or bags—one small and one larger. Some days require more tools in your tool bag so I have different size bags that I use depending on what I will be taking with me that day. Sometimes I leave the house with just my wallet and cell phone, so I take a small bag. Other days, I take water, a notebook, a food bar, both check books, my wallet, and my phone charger. Think ahead to what your day looks like and plan accordingly.

I’m a dancer, so on days where I am taking classes or having instruction, I use a large zipper bag for my shoes, water bottle, notebook, and Kleenex. This bag stays by the door, so it’s ready to go when I’m headed out.

I also have several smaller pouches in my large bag. I keep gum and mints in a small zipper pouch and I keep my check books and wallet in a larger zipper pouch. When I travel, I use yet another pouch that contains my electronic charging devices.

When you are using a large bag, resist the temptation to pack it with things you won’t really need that day. And when using a small bag, resist the urge to pack too much; more is not necessarily better.

Written by Martha Salazar.

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