Sunday, April 6, 2014

Book Review: The Healing Power of Humor

Techniques for Getting through Loss, Setbacks, Upsets, Disappointments, Difficulties, Trials, Tribulations, and All That Not-So-Funny Stuff

by  Allen Klein

In The Healing Power of Humor, Allen Klein takes a serious look at humor and its importance. He addresses not only how to bring more laughter into our lives, but also how to call upon humor to support us during difficult times. Klein’s book explores smiling and laughter and how these effect us. He encourages us to allow ourselves to risk looking foolish and how this can not only set us free but also free up the atmosphere around us.  And even though Klein is thoughtfully exploring the topic, the book is lighthearted and fun to read. Filled with stories and exercises, he teaches us how to be the happiness we want to see.

Review by Rev. Ruth Barnharta staff minister at Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa.

The Healing Power of Humor is available at Stepping Stones Books & Gifts.

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  1. This review of The Healing Power of Humor reminds me of how much I enjoy the book, even the preface was helpful in a profound way.


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