Sunday, April 13, 2014

Book Review: Talking Back to Dr. Phil

Alternatives to Mainstream Psychology

by David Bedrick

After hearing author David Bedrick speak at the Stepping Stones' Friday night event, I had to read his book, Talking Back to Dr. Phil.  David works with love-based psychology, or process psychology. His approach assumes that all our habits/challenges are communicating important information about the needs of the person involved. As in our teaching, he assumes that intelligence is always at work. Through investigating instead of trying to fix conditions, he uncovers the deeper wisdom that sets his clients free. The book uses his personal clients, and cases that have appeared on the Dr. Phil show. Bedrick demonstrates how traditional psychology identifies people and their issues as problems and proceeds to change behaviors, frequently making people wrong/bad. He than explains and gives examples of his approach, which uncovers what is truly wanting to be healed. Talking Back to Dr. Phil not only is useful in working with clients, but I am applying it to my own personal work and gaining great insight. It is a real gift to our understanding of the perfection of people and life.

Review by Rev. Ruth Barnharta staff minister at Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa.

Talking Back to Dr. Phil is available at Stepping Stones Books & Gifts.

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