Friday, March 27, 2015

Social Media And The Joy of Helping

Hi, don't mind us.  We're doing internal renovations.  Re-linking social media connections. 

We are learning about the power of Social Media and the difference between clicking "Like" and "Share" so that we can invite our readers and volunteers to help us raise awareness of our beautiful store.

Did you know that there is a substantial difference between the power of Like and Share?  Yup, you have amazing powers at your fingertips.  Think of like as a "thumbs up" and share as a personal endorsement.

Don't forget a comment!  Wow, the power of a comment.  Your friends are more likely to take your word about a product on our store, than a paid advertisement.

We'd love to enroll you by inviting you to share links you find interesting, comment on products that have caught your eye.

And, tell us what kind of posts you'd like to see here!

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