Friday, April 24, 2015

Book Review: Simple Taoism

A Guide to Living in Balance

by C. Alexander Simpkins and Annellen Simpkins

"What is preached should be put into practice — only then is it called speech and action without defect." This is one of the quotes woven into the book, Simple Taoism, A Guide to Living in Balance by C. Alexander Simpkins and Annellen Simpkins. This sweet little book flows like the Tao itself, anchored in nature with its natural rhythms and balances. The authors start with the history of Taoism, introduce its basic teachings and practices and then touch on some of the many art form that incorporate Taoism, from martial arts to feng shui. Not only does the reading invite you into the experience of the gentle connection and flow of Taoism, but I found the body practices helpful in bringing me the sense of grounded vitality, which is such a big part of the teaching. The book really is simple, exemplifying the simplicity of the Tao.

Review by Rev. Ruth Barnharta staff minister at Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa.

Simple Taoism, A Guide to Living in Balance is available from Stepping Stones Books and Gifts.

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  1. Dear Rev. Barnhart,

    My name is Dr. C. Alex Simpkins Jr., and I am the son of Annellen and C. Alexander Simpkins. Thank for you for your kind review of their book. They are wonderful people, and I'm honored to be their son, but also they are wonderful writers. I have been blessed to grow up guided by them and by their work. They have always been dedicated to helping others, and I’m glad and inspired to see that their work gives you a positive experience as another individual who is similarly dedicated. They have inspired me in my life to do so as well. May all your efforts flow with success.

    Best wishes,


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