Monday, February 22, 2016

Book Review: Fullness of Joy

by John Stephenson

In his book, Fullness of Joy, A Spiritual Guide to the Paradise Within, John Stephenson brings us into the true essence of our teaching, that awareness of our connection with the One. He breaks down our seeming experience of living separate to invite us into that peace that passeth understanding, the experience of heaven within. Beyond all our words that tend to separate us, the ideas of God and Law and us as separate aspects, he invites of to let go of concepts; to stop using our minds/thoughts to change conditions and simply drop into the present moment. Without our stories, our opinions/perceptions/judgments we can actually know and experience that which holds us, unfolds around us as our world and is us, as all one expression of Life and goodness. This is a great read!

Review by Rev. Ruth Barnhart, a staff minister at Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa.

Fullness of Joy is available from Stepping Stones Books and Gifts.

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