Saturday, September 24, 2016

Book Review: The Hope

by Andrew Harvey

In his book, The Hope, A Guide To Sacred Activism, Andrew Harvey brings his usual passion and compassion to address the many crises that face us in our world. His approach is not from how to fix our problems, but from a perspective of a spiritual call to transform, personally and as a human race. In this lies his sense of hope, a belief that we are being brought to a point of rebirth into a higher order.  He invites us to be spiritual warriors, to wake up to what is before us, not to stay or go to sleep, or to offer a spiritual bypass, believing it’s all in ‘god’s hands’. He believes it is ours to take responsibility for our world and to not only engage a higher consciousness but to find what is ours to do and contribute. He shares his own personal awakenings and that of his friend/teacher, Father Bede Griffiths, in becoming aware of the oneness/the unity of all life. The second half of his book, he walks us through practices that can support us on our own journeys of becoming more conscious and living from our greater selves. This is my second time through this book, and it is well worth the read.

Review by Rev. Ruth Barnhart, a staff minister at Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa.

The Hope is available from Stepping Stones Books and Gifts.

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