Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Mobile Bookstore in Pacific Grove

The truck is unloaded and there are more around the corner.

Karen Drucker stopped by to lend a hand.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Metaphysical practioners seeing good in the “thick of it.”

SEEING GOOD AT WORK, a review by Julia Vose McClung

One day a small, wheat-gold book, with red and black letters, called to me from a bookstore shelf: SEEING GOOD AT WORK—52 Weekly Steps to Transform Your Workplace Experience, by Reverend Doctors Joyce Duffala and Edward Viljoen, Assistant and Senior Ministers at Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Rosa, California. At last, I found that sage mentor I so long to turn to when I need a course correction by morning, or by afternoon-- slim enough to slip into my purse, keep in my car, or skim off a bedside table to read in bed. Unbiased, this work quotes wisdom from modern and ancient ages.

We labor at work or school for our livelihood in the tides of ambition, risk-taking, competence, accomplishment, mistake, failure, goals gained and goals recalibrated; in the interpersonal “sandbox” of creative cooperation, productive alliance, or jealousy and competitive threat. In any relationship context, the good at work between us is vitally about me, and also about you-- us! We know this intuitively, yet the tightness in our chest or stomach makes us search for how.
SEEING GOOD AT WORK is no glassy-eyed tome of recycled self-help themes. Inherent in the 52 weekly lessons is a respectful, shoulder-to-shoulder connection made by Duffala and Viljoen to the reader—to me and you personally. They speak to us, without question, as centers of awakened intelligence to move from powerless victimhood, to seeing the shared common humanity and bridge-building opportunities available to us as metaphysical practioners at seeing good in the “thick of it.” Each week illuminates a fresh aspect of me and you in the workplace (as easily the home place, group place, or one-and-one place): a luminary’s potent quote preceeds the one-page chat that seeds your awareness for the week; Application Exercise deftly captures our attention to the theme; and completed by a Remind Yourself, such as, “When I am willing to really listen, I open myself to a new world of understanding.” I’ve given this book to four young people so far, and they were grateful as I am.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Book Review: The Soul of Money: Transforming your relationship with Money and Life, by Lynne Twist

The Soul of Money: Transforming your relationship with Money and Life was recommended to me by Rev. Deborah Johnson. It is a potent read written by a woman who has life experience as a global fundraiser and activist. The reader is taken on a deep journey into the soul of money. She contrasts non-currency cultures with our own money-dominant culture. She offers an invitation to confront our challenges, fears, addictions, attachments, remorse, regrets and hurts around money, and then to embrace it all for our personal growth. In this, she says, we give money its soul.

Deep in the Amazon rain forest live the Achuar people. This village has no culture based in money, have not used currency of any kind that exchanges hands for goods or services. When a child gets married both families come together and build the new couple their home. All they will need to begin their lives together is provided by their community. When a hunter brings food back from the jungle all the people gather to feast and share the food. No one is left without support and sustenance. She contrasts this way of life with the life of our modern monetary culture by sharing the experience of a native of the Achuar who lived with them in the US. to learn our language and the culture of money. Our entire culture, purpose in living, and relationships as a community, is based on the accumulation and value of money and consumerism.  A person's value is based on their relationship and success with money. She articulates quite a contrast that leads one to the very soul of money.

Consider these Chapter titles:
·         Scarcity: The Great Lie
·         Sufficiency: The Surprising Truth
·         Money is like water
·         Collaboration Creates Prosperity
·         What you Appreciate Appreciates
This one packs a punch.

Sanna Rose

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Building Literacy and Self-Esteem for Children - October 21, 2011

Press Release - October 21, 2011 - Free Event - 7 pm at Stepping Stones Books and Gifts

In a Time of Transition for Millions,  An Organization Offers A “Bridge” for Adults While Gifting Books that Build Literacy and Self-Esteem to Kids

Sonoma, CA -  In these uncertain economic times where millions of people find themselves in transition, a “Bridge” is being offered that can help adults as well as children, teens and young adults.
The Bridge: A Seven-Stage Map to Redefine Your Life and Purpose is a book which offers support to those going through significant life changes such as job or career loss, retirement, illness, loss of a loved one or even surviving a natural disaster.

“Because of the enormity of change happening nationally and globally, people are being forced out of their comfort zones. They have a need for clarity and to be empowered in a new direction in their lives.” says author of The Bridge, Dr. Marilyn Powers of The I AM Foundation, an educational 501c3 non-profit.  “The Bridge” says Dr. Powers, “…is a map to help them move forward.”

While The I AM Foundation is supporting adults move through transition with The Bridge, they are also empowering children by gifting them with books that help them face their fears and challenges, inspires them to feel strong and confident while they may be going through their own difficult times growing up.

The I AM Foundation gifts a book to a child, teen or young adult for every copy of The Bridge that is purchased either online or at one of their book signings.  One of the books they gift is their signature book, The I AM! Affirmation Book which is endorsed by The First Lady of Sri Lanka and has over 165,000 copies in print.
It is being translated into 50 languages and been gifted in over 50 countries.

You can receive A 50 page sample of The Bridge or you can order The Bridge at The Bridge (ISBN 978-0-9645224-5-9) is also available at selected book sellers and For each copy of the Bridge sold (hard copy or eBook) The I AM Foundation gifts a book to a child, teen or young adult. 

Media and organizations may contact the author for interviews, speaking engagements and book signings to help impact their local community.  The I AM Foundation is a 501c3 educational non-profit based in Sonoma and La Jolla CA.  Established in 1998, it has gifted and distributed over 1 million books and products worldwide.  For more information, please visit

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