Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Free Event: Friday July 6, 2012

Stepping Stones Books and Gifts Presents

Poetry Night
Celebrating Creativity


Laura Carr
Valerie Hansen
Kathryn Jurik
Keith Kelsey
Megan Rooney

Date:  Friday July 6, 2012
Time:  7 pm
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa
2075 Occidental Road

Please join Laura, Valerie, Kathryn, Keith, and Megan as they read some of their imaginative, original poems.  Working and playing with words is an ancient and pleasurable pursuit.  Come and enjoy the writings of this talented quintet.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Book Review: The Force of Kindness by Sharon Salzberg

The Force of Kindness

Change Your Life with Love & Compassion

by Sharon Salzberg

"A dedication to kindness offers us a chance to try to make a real difference despite the obstacles and unhappiness we might face."

This is an easy narrative to read as Salzberg shines the light on the many facets of practicing and embodying the act of lovingkindness.  She talks about what it means to be a human being and to experience others as ourselves, kindred spirits feeling the same pain, going through the same struggles.  She offers a list of concrete ways we can offer lovingkindness to others.  The underlying tip seems to be "stay aware", "reflect" and "remember" your own humanity, your own pain and suffering.  The act of being able to actually tune into another person's experience is key to practicing empathy, and in turn compassion and lovingkindness.  We need to practice the quality of restraint;  forgiveness is an integral component of practicing kindness.  The end result will be connection, and rewards far greater than we expect.

This book comes with a CD with the author offering four guided Lovingkindness meditations.  The 97 pages go by quickly as you journey through the softness of remembering your own humanity and tuning in to the humanity of others.

Review written by Sanna Rose

The Force of Kindness is available at Stepping Stones Books and Gifts

Friday, June 1, 2012

Sufi Poetry, The Illustrated Rumi

I was looking at the new items on Stepping Stones Books and Gifts website and I noticed a theme.  We have several new offerings that present Sufi Poetry, such as The Essential Rumi, The Illustrated Rumi, Love's Ripening, Rumi The Big Red Book and The Gift: Poems by Hafiz..

Rumi and Hafiz have beautiful and creative ways to talk about spiritual love and they are two of the best read spiritual poets in literature, I believe.

Spiritual poetry offers a different way to look at the world around us, a beautiful way with sweet language and images that leap out of the words.

And oh, the illustrations in The Illustrated Rumi are beautiful. 

Are you a poetry fan?  Let us know who your favorite poet is.  We'd love to hear from  you.

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