Sunday, January 26, 2014

Book Review: The Power of Meditation (Revisited)

We posted a review by Laura Feahr of The Power of Meditation a few weeks ago.  Now here is a look at the book from a different perspective.  If you are new to meditation, or have practiced faithfully for years, you should appreciate the comments on how the author leads the reader into different ways to approach this popular subject.

Here is how Rev. Ruth Barnhart expresses her reaction to The Power of Meditation:

"Reading The Power of Meditation I felt like Edward Viljoen, the author, had taken my hand and was walking me down the windy path of meditation practice. He opens the doorway to the many different paths and ways to approach meditation and gently helps the reader step through the obstacles that might appear. All the while, he beckons one to give meditation a try, offering the many benefits that are available. There is ongoing permission to find your own path, to know that you are okay no matter what you do, and to make your meditation practice your own personal experience of yourself. Deciding to read this book was easy, I know Edward to be a brilliant writer; but the rewards of his gentle and thorough exploration made it a pleasure to read beyond my expectations."

Have you read the book?  Please let us know how you experienced Viljoen's approach to the practice of meditation.

The Power of Meditation by Edward Viljoen is available at Stepping Stones Books & Gifts.

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