Saturday, February 25, 2012

Press Release: All Is Well, David Bruner, Lee Hartley

Contact: David Bruner (408) 294 1828
Lee Hartley (408) 891 1988 

Dr. David will be appearing at
the Center for Spiritual Living
on March 29 at a free event.

Upbeat Optimism

All Is Well 2 offers more stories of people who changed their minds to change their lives
SAN JOSE, CA.—Date Compilers, editors and producers Dr. David Bruner and Dr. Lee Hartley announce the publication of All Is Well 2, a second collection of true stories of how 29 people changed their minds to change their lives. These people overcame obstacles
such as escaping communism, debilitating shyness, domestic abuse, divorce, sexual identity, adoption, drug addiction, chronic health problems, near death decisions, and more by changing what and how they thought about those life challenges. The book offers an intimate peak into the personal struggles that we all face and inspires readers to approach their own challenges by checking and reconfiguring their “mind chatter.” Questions follow each story to encourage the reader to share the gifts of each author’s learned lessons. The step-by-step questions are thought provoking and gently expand the mind away from a previous comfort zone to new possibilities.

All Is Well 2 is the second in the All Is Well book series. It is available in print, as an ebook, and on audio book at the website:

Dr. Michael Beckwith, a featured contributor to the movie The Secret, said of Vol. 1 “All Is Well takes us into real-life territory we can all relate to but not necessarily have the courage to publicly reveal. And that’s precisely what is so special about it. The individuals who have shared their stories are humble enough to acknowledge the messy aspects of their lives as examples of what is possible when we turn within where true healing and transformation takes place. This book is a treasure trove of wisdom and heart.”

Dr. David Bruner has a devoted following at the Center for Spiritual Living in San Jose, California where he has been the Spiritual Director for 11 years. He received his Doctor of Divinity in 2009. He is a warm hearted and inspiring leader in the New Thought movement. 

Dr. Lee Hartley is a psychotherapist and has a book publishing company that helps aspiring authors to bring their “dream book(s)” into reality. Her team assists each author at every step along the way in the pre-to-post publications process. HCP’s mission is to publish books focused in the areas of psychology, education and personal mind-body-spirit development.

To receive a review copy of All Is Well 2: More Stories of Guts and Grace, Courage and Compassion, or to schedule an interview please contact David Bruner (408) 294 1828 or Lee Hartley (408) 891 1988 

All Is Well books— * *

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hindu Gods and Goddesses and Other Delights

Stepping Stones Books and Gifts has three new books available now in the store and on our website.

Have you ever tried to explain one of the Hindu Gods or Goddesses to someone else?  Or, tried to understand for yourself what “Hare Krishna” really means?  Now you can get the explanations in The Little Book of Hindu Deities by Sanjay Patel.
Or, perhaps you just want some help to simplify your life by organizing all that stuff you’ve been accumulating for years.  Get a copy of Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider, and start cleaning up all that clutter.
Most of us have had pets that became close friends and members of our family.  The Kingdom of Hearts journal by Dr. Patty Luckenbach provides both a way to express, and to release, our grief when one of our pet friends passes away.
You can always see our newest additions by going to our home page and clicking on the New Items tab.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Each year Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa creates a theme for the year.  For 2012 the theme is:

Sowing Seeds of Greatness

The themes and topics for 2012 are based on chapters in the book A New Design for Living by Ernest Holmes.  In addition to this anchor book for the entire year, there is a recommended book for each month to supplement and enhance your spiritual study.  All of these books will be available from Stepping Stones Books and Gifts.

Each month of the year has its own theme that supports the annual theme

Are you aware that Stepping Stones Books and Gifts offers special pricing on some of our popular items? To find our current discount selections simply go to our home page and click on the Specials tab.

Right now we have eight items priced at a 20% discount through March 31, 2012.   Books, Music, Message Cards and Buddha!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Book Review: Take Your Time by Eknath Easwaran

Take Your Time

    "I'm from India.  Take your time."  the author says to a harried teller in America.  She takes his advice and stops making errors, smiles, and begins to function more efficiently.  Easwaran shares his experiences of coming to America where everyone seems to be in such a hurry.  He made a resolution to help Americans get out of the rat race and refused to adjust to the frantic, rushed pace of living in the U. S.  This book is a result of that resolve.  "Just one person slowing down helps everyone around to relax, too."  His suggestions and ideas come from a relaxed, compassionate heart.  Offering wisdom and quotes from the Buddha, to an eight point program that includes meditation, putting others first, spiritual community, and one-pointed attention, Easwaren delivers a gem in Take Your Time. This book utilizes blue ink with the black to create a very soothing rhythm as the chapters unfold.  This gentle, wise book is like carrying your own personal guru with you throughout your day.  don't be without it.

Take Your Time is available now at Stepping Stones Books and Gifts.

Review by Sanna Rose, RScP.

Free Seminar: Connecting the Dots Between a Healthy Community and Food

Stepping Stones Books and Gifts Presents a Free Seminar

Connecting the Dots
Between a Health Community and Food

The Statistics are telling:  1 out of 2 men and 1 out of 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer this year.  What can we do about it?

Date:  Friday March 2, 2012
Time:  7:00 pm
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa
2075 Occidental Road

The authors of Nourishing Connections, the Healing Power of Food and Community address the link between what we eat and our health, with simple suggestions about how to improve your own diet with whole foods.  With the experience of cooking for seriously ill people, many of The Ceres Community Project's teen chef volunteers are doing just that.

Join Cathryn Couch, Ceres Project's Executive Director and JoEllen DeNicola, Ceres Project's Nutrition Director, for this inspiring talk.  There will be sample treats from the cookbook for you to enjoy.

Cathryn Couch, M.B.A., is a professional chef and activist.  Her work centers around helping people connect with local, seasonal and whole foods, discover the joy of cooking for themselves and others, and find meaningful ways to engage in their communities.  She is the founder and executive director for The Ceres Community Project, a non-profit organization working to restore whole local and organic food to its place as the foundation of health for people, communities and the planet.  Cathryn's past experience includes 10 years running an organic home delivered meal service and 4 years as the Director of Communications for The Hunger Project-U.S., an educational organization focused on changing our understanding of the causes of, and solutions to, hunger in the world.

JoEllen DeNicola BS, NE, is the Nutrition Director for Ceres Community Project, a respected speaker, teacher and the author of Nourishing Connections, the Healing Power of Food and Community.  Her educational background as a certified Nutrition Educator and Polarity Therapist, along with 30 years of organic gardening experience, provides her the experience to assit people in making healthy dietary choices for longevity.  JoEllen developed and teaches the Healing Foods Cooking Courses for The Ceres Community Project.  She has presented for Kaiser Permentate Oncology Unit, West County Health Services, the Fermentation Festival, and Macy's.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Good Stuff from Seeing Good At Work

Here is some good stuff from the Seeing Good At Work blog.  Articles inspired by different weekly writings from the book, written by readers and the authors:

Why Avoid Assumptions?

A Teacher's Experience

Respectful Communication

Humanizing The Workplace

Album Review: Sanctuary by Donna De Lory


This music CD creates an atmosphere of prayer throughout the 7 tracks taking the listener on a journey to a higher consciousness and bliss.  Each track is an original composition by different musicians including De Lory.  Several are spiritual chants and a few are blissful melodies transporting one to an elevated state of peace and well being.  De Lory plays the harmonium, an instrument that creates a soothing and calming resonance of simple chords.  One of my favorites is the well known song, "Sanctuary".  The insert has the words to each song and chant, making it easy to join in the spiritual practice of chanting and song.  Highly recommended for creating a meditative, and sacred, atmosphere.

Donna De Lory's new Album,  Sanctuary,  is available now at Stepping Stones Gifts and Books.

Review by Sanna Rose, RScP.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Free Event: All Is Well 2 - March 29 Program

Stepping Stones Books and Gifts Presents a Free Seminar

All Is Well 2

more stories of guts and grace,
courage and compassion

Date:  Thursday March 29, 2012
Time:  7:00 pm
Center For Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa, 2075 Occidental Road

Dr. David Bruner will discuss how the All Is Well 2 book came to be and how it focuses on the concept of “change your mind, change your life.” It is the second in a series, highlighting 29 stories of people who have met challenges with guts and grace, courage and compassion. The questions that follow each story are thought provoking and gently expand the mind to new potentials and other possibilities.
Dr. Bruner has been a Science of Mind Minister for 16 years and became the Spiritual Director of the Center for Spiritual Living in San Jose in 2000.

David Bruner's irreverent sense of humor and “everyday kind of guy” style makes him adored by his congregation–that and his love of God, people, and animals, Harry Potter and a peculiar fondness for People magazine, Taco Doritos and great neckties.

Being raised with two brothers, seven sisters and one bathroom helped him master the art of effective communication at an early age. His peaceful childhood memories speak to the unending generosity of his parents, Kenneth and Dolores. He loves and adores every one of his siblings and their families—another testimony to his parents’ skill and grace. 

Formerly a supermarket checker and scan-coordinator at a Southern California supermarket, David practiced having a positive impact when working with people. He made it his mission to ....

bring happiness to others while standing in a check stand in a polyester apron and clip-on tie. The joy that came from helping others encouraged him to leave that union job to answer his true calling: ministry.   

David has left a mark of friendliness and service in each position he has occupied on his journey from practitioner, through ministerial school, to assistant minister in North Hollywood, to manager of growth, education and ministries for the denomination, and to Spiritual Director of the Center for Spiritual Living, San Jose. He came to the Center in 1999 to help the congregation identify its next spiritual director, and felt so at home that he applied for the position himself. He has enjoyed creating a welcoming environment there for 12 years. David received his Doctor of Divinity in 2009.

He is a compelling, charismatic speaker known and loved for his humor and his practical, uplifting approach to spirituality. One Sunday he is excitedly pursuing the path of forgiveness following a four-hour experience at the California DMV, the next week he is relaying his escapades in a trapeze class, He relates our day-to-day experiences to personal spiritual growth.  

David lives his ministry and walks the talk. He is always looking for ways to improve himself and, thus, help his congregants improve themselves. He is a visionary leader: creative, passionate, authentic, and above all, a people person.

His current growth edge is the conjugation of Spanish verbs without the use of translation software. He lives in Oakland with his partner and number-one hero, Mauricio Lopez.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Melissa Phillippe's latest Chanting CD

 A Chants to Love

Melissa says about chanting "It has transformed my life ... and it could transform yours."

She goes on to tell us that "Singing and chanting not only produce immediate physical and emotional benefits, they are profoundly spiritual.  When we chant, we are literally singing our prayers."

If you are familiar with her earlier chanting CDs, Chants of a Lifetime, and Second Chants, you already understand what she means.

Stepping Stones Books and Gifts now has available all of Melissa's chanting CDs.  Click on the links below for details, or to place your orders.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Books for the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa 2012 Theme

Each year Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa follows a theme for the year.
This year the theme is:

Sowing the Seeds of Greatness 2012

The themes and topics for 2012 are based on chapters in the book,      A New Design for Living by Ernest Holmes.  In addition to this anchor book for the entire year, there is a recommended book for each month to supplement and enhance your spiritual study.  All books will be available from Stepping Stones Books and Gifts.

The books for 2012 are:

  • January - It's Easier than You Think  by Sylvia Boorstein
  • February - Emotional Freedom  by Judith Orloff, MD
  • March - Take Your Time  by Eknath Easwaran
  • April - Living as a River  by Bodhipaksa
  • May - Spiritual Fitness  by Caroline Reynolds
  • June - The Force of Kindness  by Sharon Salzberg
  • July - Calming Your Anxious Mind  by Jeffrey Brantley
  • August - The Untethered Soul  by Michael A. Singer
  • September - A Life of Being, Having and Doing Enough  by Wayne Muller
  • October - The Laws of Manifestation  by David Spangler
  • November - Wise Mind, Open Mind  by Ronald A. Alexander
  • December - Your Life on Purpose  by Matthew McKay, PhD
As of this date, A New Design for Living and the books for January, February and March are available on the Stepping Stones Gifts and Books website.

More information on the entire 2012 program is available here.

Book Review: Emotional Freedom - Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life - by Judith Orloff, M.D.

Each chapter in this potent work is called a "transformation" and tackles a different negative emotion with specific strategies for mastery and balance.  In Emotional Freedom  Orloff addresses the biological causes/stressors, the psychological sources from parental influence, and the spiritual meaning within the negative emotions of fear, frustration, worry, depression, envy, anger, and loneliness.  She offers quizzes and self-assessment tests to give you insight into your inner emotional map.  She states there are two stages to achieving emotional balance:  1) acknowledgment, and 2) transformation.  "Sometimes, like with acute grief, you'll learn that you need to just be with the feelings, whereas you can aim to heal or transform envy."  She quotes Buddha:  "There is no external refuge", to support her emphasis that it is an internal job.

To illustrate her comprehensive approach I read the chapter on Loneliness.  She gives 4 causes, recommends mirroring neurons, and activating oxytocin.  She tackles the spiritual dimension of loneliness with tips, and offers four "Emotional Action Steps" to transform loneliness. I especially connected with her presentation and strategy for "energy sensitive people" and her list of 5 cures at the end of the chapter.  This multi-dimensional approach covered each emotion in each chapter.

Her tone is supportive, as well as educational, and normalizes the human experience through a range of emotions.  Orloff knows her stuff as a psychiatrist, energy psychologist, and spiritually experienced professional.  This book is the only one you will need to support your journey out of emotional reaction into emotional balance leading to self-mastery.

Review by Sanna Rose,  RScP

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