Sunday, January 26, 2014

Book Review: The Power of Meditation (Revisited)

We posted a review by Laura Feahr of The Power of Meditation a few weeks ago.  Now here is a look at the book from a different perspective.  If you are new to meditation, or have practiced faithfully for years, you should appreciate the comments on how the author leads the reader into different ways to approach this popular subject.

Here is how Rev. Ruth Barnhart expresses her reaction to The Power of Meditation:

"Reading The Power of Meditation I felt like Edward Viljoen, the author, had taken my hand and was walking me down the windy path of meditation practice. He opens the doorway to the many different paths and ways to approach meditation and gently helps the reader step through the obstacles that might appear. All the while, he beckons one to give meditation a try, offering the many benefits that are available. There is ongoing permission to find your own path, to know that you are okay no matter what you do, and to make your meditation practice your own personal experience of yourself. Deciding to read this book was easy, I know Edward to be a brilliant writer; but the rewards of his gentle and thorough exploration made it a pleasure to read beyond my expectations."

Have you read the book?  Please let us know how you experienced Viljoen's approach to the practice of meditation.

The Power of Meditation by Edward Viljoen is available at Stepping Stones Books & Gifts.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

How Louise Hay's Wisdom Cards Help Me

Louise Hay's Wisdom Cards are a good-looking set of affirmations on cards which make up a power set of instructions for living. I love knowing that they are created by someone who has demonstrated the power of healing in her life. As I read each one, it calls me into alignment with my own inner wisdom. The cards are easy to read and yet small enough to carry with me. Sometimes I might read one affirmation and allow its wisdom to guide me throughout my day. At other times, I sit and read several of the cards at a time to lift me up and inspire me into a great sense of well-being.

These comments on the personal value of Wisdom Cards were written by Rev. Ruth Barnhart.

Last month we posted a review of these same cards by Laura Feahr, who talked about how she used them around her house.  Do you use affirmations regularly? Have you ever used cards with messages to help you manage your life's challenges?

Affirmations are also the subject of Martha Salazar's article titled What are Affirmations? and Why Do They Work? which appeared in this Blog last month.  Click the link and read her perspective.

Louise L. Hay's Wisdom Cards are available now at Stepping Stones Books & Gifts.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Book Review: Growing Your Inner Light by Lara Owen

I finished the book and now refer to it almost daily as I deepen my practice, altering and enhancing my personal experience.  She writes in a welcomed style that honors the complexity of the subject matter while inviting change as an enriching process.  The diversity of methods for finding and growing personal light is refreshing, and opens me to branch out when I feel stuck or stymied in my path.  The ongoing journey for me will be finding and utilizing the entrees to best serve my needs while continuing to explore complementary and broadening aspects.

Review written by Laura Feahr, a bookstore volunteer.

Growing Your Inner Light is available from Stepping Stones Books & Gifts.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Tribute to Jack Kornfield's Meditations

Have you found an author who speaks to you in a profound way?  Here is an example of how Jack Kornfield has made an impression on the life of one reader.

Jack Kornfield’s way of presenting the simple daily path as entry into meditation is easy to understand.  As challenges fall into my path, I sometimes need find the most annoying part of it, and choose to see it as a blessing or process that leads to good.  Each step is a small movement toward these messages becoming more intrinsic to my nature, my way  I find I am entering the place of constant ‘Wow’ in my head.  A child’s delight in each new discovery is more commonplace as I move through the days with senses tuned to know the grace of simplicity. He has enabled me to see the riches of each moment, and the strength that comes with knowing the essence of my being, that I am capable of moving through difficulty or delight with more ease.
of experiencing my world.

Review written by Laura Feahr, a bookstore volunteer.

Three of Jack Kornfield's works are available from Stepping Stones Books & Gifts website — books A Path with Heart and A Lamp in the Darkness, and the 2 CD set Guided Meditation.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ways To Wear A Scarf

If you are having difficulty seeing the video below, click here to see it in a browser.

Looking for ideas about wearing a scarf?  We've found THE best scarf wearing guide!  And, we've got the scarves for you to practice with in Stepping Stones Books & Gifts!  Baby, it's cold outside!

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