Thursday, December 29, 2011

Spiritual Seeds

spiritual_seeds_mediumDr. Edward Viljoen and Dr. Chris Michaels have co-created a packet of Spiritual Seed Thought cards which are now available at Stepping Stones Books and Gifts. 

Each person attending services on January 1, 2012 at any of the three morning services will receive a free copy of the product. 

After that you will be able to purchase them at our store, and I think you’re going to enjoy them enough to want to give them as gifts.
Happy New Year.

This packet contains 30 spiritual seeds. Read one seed per day and open your mind to new possibilities. Repeat daily for best results. Select Seed Maintenance from the tabs above for additional free resources to support your personal spiritual seed thought development. When planted into your consciousness, these spiritual seeds will produce healthy results. The more often the seeds are read and contemplated, the more active they become in mind and assimilated into your routine thinking. When you have used these seeds for 30 days, plant them in the soil and water regularly. You will begin to see the physical manifestation of the spiritual seeds you have been planting in your consciousness.

Book Review: What’s Happening In 2012

A New Design for Living
Written by Ernest Holmes
Edited and Compiled by Willis H. Kinnear

Dr. Edward has chosen this book as the basis for our theme at the Center for 2012. (See a list of the 2012 Themes and Topics).  His first talk on Sunday, January 1, has been titled “Discover New Worlds” which is a subject heading inside the first chapter. We are in for a powerful journey through the Science of Mind and how to apply it and live it in our own lives in the coming year with Rev. Edward as our guide. Copies of this book are currently available in the Stepping Stones Gift and Bookstore. Might it be wise to procure your copy now before the rush? This one looks like a keeper.

In the Introduction: “A New Design for Living was written by Ernest Holmes near the end of his long and distinguished career as a spiritual philosopher, author, minister, speaker, and teacher. Published the year before he made his transition, it offers the fullness of his thinking about and application of the principles of Science of Mind to the conscious creation of a new and renewed life. In the book we witness a clarity of thought and precision of expression that make every sentence important, meaningful, and valuable to take within, contemplate, and then prove in daily living. We get here some of the best of what Ernest Holmes offers to the spiritual awakening of humankind.”
From a book review by By Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat: A New Design for Living is one of the preeminent works by this founder of Church of Religious Science, second only to The Science of Mind. In 23 chapters, Holmes lays out a plan for redesigning our lives that includes probes on everyday wonders, our partnership with the Infinite, making the most of our creativity, the law of correspondence, the process of attracting what we think, the need of faith, the idea that life is not against you, the abundant universe, the power of love, harmonious relationships, and spiritual mind treatment.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Special Homegrown Community Event

After all of the holiday celebrations fade away we join with Dr. Edward in pairing his birthday on January 4 with a full out concert and raffle celebration that benefits and supports our Center. We join him in this selfless giving by donating incredible gifts and services for a raffle. This is our love in action for the Center and for our senior minister and all that he models for our community.

Written by:  Sanna Rose, RScP

Our concert this year will be on Friday, January 6, and features Singer/pianist/songwriter Michael Gott , a performer you won't soon forget. From his background in such disparate musical disciplines as gospel, pop, opera, musical theater, classical piano and jazz, he has developed his own unique and exciting performance style. He has been compared to many of the greats, but Michael is truly an original.

Michael is very much in demand for conferences and other special events. In recent years, he has shared the stage with such internationally known personalities as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and others.

Tickets are on sale in the social hall on Sundays and through our Book & Gift store. Children under 12 years of age are admitted free, and teens ages 13-19 years of age are asked to pay only $5. Adult price is $15 in advance and $20 at the door.

On a personal note: Dr Edward will be 51 years young in 2012. He states: "To combine my birthday with a community fundraiser for the Center has been a blessing and turns out to be making up for all the birthday parties I never had." He emphasizes that this event is not really a birthday party per se, but more of a community celebration of Life, of each other, and of course of our Center.

I asked Dr. Edward:

What is the proudest moment in your life? "When an 8 year-old son of a childhood friend asked his parents if he could have me as his godfather."

If you had a million dollars, what's the first thing you'd buy? "The iPad3 and then I'd pay off the Center's mortgage - after agreeing to a giant raise. Grin."

What's your greatest word of wisdom at age 51?"Trust your natural born kindness. It won't fail you."

Join us on January 6 for a Happy Birthday and Center celebration on behalf of our Dr. Edward.

Financial Freedom - Where to Start

You've decided to get control of your financial future.  Prosperity books are on your reading list.  But what's the first step?  How can you get a clear picture of your current position to map the direction to financial freedom?

Stepping Stones Books and Gifts
is offering a Free Seminar titled


Date:   Friday evening, January 13, 2012
Time:  7:00pm
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa
2075 Occidental Road

Ken McCauley, CPA, CVA - and a partner in AL Nella and Co, CPAs - will provide you with tools and step-by-step training to clarify where you are now in order to accelerate your financial growth.  Additionally, Ken will discuss case examples from his extensive work with individuals and businesses.  Common financial terms will be explained, like net worth, net case flow, and liquidity.

Ken specializes in financial reporting, cash flow and tax planning for individuals and businesses. After graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in accounting, Ken gained professional experience working for several multinational companies: He first served...
as senior auditor at the national CPA  firm, Main Lafrentz & Company and then as a financial analyst of international operations for Cooper Laboratories in Palo Alto. Subsequently, he became the manager of financial forecast at Genstar Corporation in San Francisco.

His experience at these companies gave him an excellent background in the development of accounting controls and procedures as well as budgeting and forecasting systems.

Ken started his own firm before merging with AL Nella & Company where he has gained over 20 years of substantial experience working with small and medium sized businesses.  Ken is currently the partner in charge of the audit and accounting services, as well as the business valuation service.

Ken is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the California Society of Certified Public Accountants. He is very active in community services and has served on the boards of the Golden Gate Business Association, 18th Street Services, the Stop AIDS Project and the San Francisco Historical Automobile Society, and he currently serves on the Board of Trustees for the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa  Rosa.

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