Sunday, June 26, 2011

All Is Well Event Review

Dear Martha,

Lucky me to work in the bookstore the night of the event for book, All Is
Well, edited by David Bruner and Lee Hartley, for I got to join the pre-event buzz in the bookstore with Reverend David Bruner of CSL San Jose. Buzz is the word for his inimitable presence, for as each new person came into the store, David hailed them, and got their name and got them folded into a sudden story hive.

At his talk in Grinton Chapel, seat belts should have been issued, for his particular brand of storytelling and audience contact had us laughing like we were on a roller coaster, and yet the truths defined in the intimate stories from his congregants, chosen from All Is Well, were inviting, moving, hard-earned and healing.

Each tale in All Is Well is preceded by a beautiful, defining quote, and then followed by an inquiry for the reader to take the work of the story into the work of their own lives. These inquiries, each unique to the particular story, are written by psychotherapist, Lee Hartley, and sparkle with invitation to self-discovery.

This is an exciting portrait of the like-no-other atmosphere created by David Bruner at CSL San Jose. David is one of ten children, and he brings from that experience the natural activity of a family reunion--good fun and "we all belong." What a night of We Are One, Martha!

--Julia Vose McClung


  1. Julia,
    What a great review! Glad to hear so many enjoyed hearing stories from the All is Well book and listening to our beloved Dr. David. I am a member of Center for Spiritual Living in San Jose and get to enjoy Dr. David on Sundays. And, yes, seat belts are required! He will have you buzzing all week!


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