Thursday, August 16, 2012

Favorite Oils

Stepping Stones Books and Gifts carries many different oils - all with unique fragrances and benefits.

My favorite is Palmarosa Essential Oil.

I am drawn to the aroma that is described as being like an herbal rose, though it also smells a bit like lemon or lime to me.  It is thought to have anti-viral and anti-bacterial actions.  So, while I use it regularly because I like the fragrance, I do appreciate that I am benefiting from the properties of the oil.

I am learning about the Essential Oils as I help customers and I’m very interested to learn which oils the customers are drawn to and why.  Each oil is unique with unique properties and characteristics just like our customers.

Martha Salazar

And, if you would like to learn more about oils and fragrances that smell good and can be good for you, come to a free presentation by Dr. Edward Viljoen on Friday September 7.

Do you use oils for fragrance, health, or other benefits?  Let us know your favorites and why you find them valuable.

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