Thursday, February 13, 2014

5 Top Selling Titles for Winter Reading

Winter is a wonderful time to catch up on some reading. A hot cup of tea, a warm fire, a comfy chair, a good book, and you’re good to go! 

Here is a list and brief description of our top five best-selling books. Happy reading!

Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston
Clutter is stuck energy that has far-reaching effects physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The simple act of clearing clutter can transform your life by releasing negative emotions, generating energy, and allowing you to create space in your life for the things you want to achieve. In Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, Karen Kingston, pioneer of a branch of Feng Shui known as Space Clearing, expertly guides you through the liberating task of clutter clearing.

The Power of Meditation by Edward Viljoen
This wise and delightful guide to the benefits of meditation practices will help you cultivate a calm, peaceful, and enlightened lifestyle. Drawing from his years of experience as a teacher, spiritual leader, and avid meditator, Edward Viljoen directs you down the path to enlightenment.  Featuring personal anecdotes and stories from the author’s spiritual teachings, The Power of Meditation goes beyond a simple how-to book and offers a wonderful reading experience that will inspire you to live a wiser and more fulfilling life.

The Law of Divine Compensation by Marianne Williamson
The universe is the handwriting of God, and it is both self-organizing and self-correcting. Where there is lack, the universe is already planning to remove it from your circumstances. That is the Law of Divine Compensation. The only thing that can deactivate the Law is if you have more faith in the reality of lack than in the reality of the Law.

The 5 Love Languages, Singles Edition by Gary Chapman
With more than 8 million copies sold, The 5 Love Languages continues to strengthen relationships worldwide. Although originally crafted with married couples in mind, the love languages have proven themselves to be universal. Whether it’s dating relationships, parents, coworkers, or friends – understanding your unique love language and that of others can significantly improve your relationships. The premise is simple: Different people with different personalities express love in different ways. Therefore, if you want to give and receive love most effectively, you’ve got to learn to speak the right language.

Jesus, Buddha, Krishna & Lao Tzu by Richard Hooper
Even though these teachers represent four different world religions, I believe their teachings have a great deal in common. Could it be that their teachings represent four slightly different paths to the same destination? Each of these masters claimed that their teachings came from personal experience of ultimate reality, so we might expect their teachings to be similar. Certainly their teachings carry the weight of authority – in our day, as well as theirs.

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