Monday, June 20, 2011

How To Stimulate Conversation: Powerful Motivational Words - Affirmation Cards

While working on the newly designed Stepping Stones Books and Gifts I came across some of the product that I have perosnally used in my past and remembered the powerfully worded motivational cards that we carry.  The Wisdom Cards by Louise Have have come to my assistance in class room settings when I used them to stimulate deep conversations among the students.  I let them choose a random card and ask them to share with a partner what the motivational words on the cards mean to them.  I encourage teachers to consider the Power Thoughts for Teens Cards for similar exercises with teens. Thoughts for Teens is a deck of 50 Affirmation Cards to "help teens develop their inner power."  It's wonderful to listen to what young people say when asked to comment on the thoughts on the affirmation cards.

Personally, I find that using these cards can stimulate spiritual practice and creativity during those 'blah' times.  I select one of the cards randomly from the deck and give myself quiet time to think about the inspirational symbols and motivational words on the cards.  I have also used these and similar affirmation cards at parties and have not yet been let down by the fascinating conversation that is stimulated whe people are asked to share what they think. 

It's a whole lot more interesting than.... oh dear, I better stop right here.

Edward Viljoen

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