Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All Is Well - June 24 - Free Event

david_bruner copy.jpgStepping Stones Books and Gifts presents Dr. David Bruner, co-creator with Lee Hartley of the exciting new book All Is Well.

Dr. David will be appearing on Friday, June 24, at 7 pm to talk about the creation of this book and how it has enriched his Center community.

All Is Well is a book of true stories of guts and grace, courage and compassion. Each of the 29 stories was written by the man or woman who lived it. Every one of them tells how they found a way to create forward momentum as they experienced intense difficulties in their lives. They did it by changing their mind. Even though the decisions were difficult, they made them. The moments of choice are truly turning points that were crucial to each of them, and to all of the positive experiences they’ve had since then. The stories are exhilarating. Each story shows that they have experienced the fullness of the precept of change your life by changing your mind.

The questions that follow each story encourage the reader to share the gifts of each author’s learned lessons, potentially saving the reader from having to pay the same price that the storyteller did. The step-by-step questions are thought provoking and gently help to expand the mind away from a previous comfort zone to new potentials and other possibilities.

You feel upbeat after reading the book and come away with the belief that “if he or she could do it, so can I!”

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  1. Dr. David, we are ready for you, and excited that you are coming. All Is Well is a great idea and I enjoyed all the stories; they are honestly told and I feel I now know the San Jose community. xo Martha.


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