Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Book Review: Seeing good at work helps see good in LIFE!

Seeing Good At Work by Dr. Edward Viljoen and Dr. Joyce Duffala

Review by Jennifer E. Mann, RScP.

This little book is accessible, handy, mindful and delightful. It aids in harmonizing relationships, learning to recognize what IS WORKING at the office and metes out the useful information in 52 small bites--one for each week. It helps AVOID depression, situations that could turn into possible crises, and reduces the need for authoritarian style interventions in the workplace.

It is so universal in its approach, that the exercises and the philosophy of the book apply to life outside the workplace as well. This book makes a great gift for Human Resources/Organizational Development Departments or offers a fruitful weekend retreat centerpiece for building community among your colleagues. 

For more information, reader reviews, example exercises, a peek at the text, visit Seeing Good At Work's blog. 

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