Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Book Review: All is Well, 29 Stories of Guts and Grace, Courage and Compassion

Editors:  David Bruner and Lee Hartley

All is Well is a beautifully crafted book of true life stories shared by 29 individuals.  These are real experiences told with honesty, openness and sometimes humor.   Each of the 29 individuals is connected to the Center for Spiritual Living, San Jose.  These individuals tell their own stories of how through the support and love of their spiritual Center they were able to move through the painful experiences of pain, loss, drug and alcohol addiction and other traumatic events.   

These stories are told with grace and courage.  There is a generosity of sharing an inside look into the human condition.  And the photo attached to each story shows the light and joy of how lives were changed by changing their minds.

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